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Let's stop for a while and enjoy the present time. Breathe in and immerse yourself in a relaxing aromatherapy massage that will caress your body and soul with very gentle and relaxing techniques.

Wellness therapist Dita will sit down with you for a while and during a brief consultation she will ask you how you feel, what hurts you and will propose an appropriate treatment accordingly. She solves everything individually, tailored to your physical, mental and emotional needs. You can look forward to top cosmetics and bio essential oils from companies Oshadhi and Erboristeria Magentina, with which you will be pampered.


45 minutes / 890 CZK

  • As the name suggests, this massage pampers your feet. It starts with peeling, which softens the feet and prepares for a lower leg massage. This is followed by treatment with luxury essential oils, which also includes eastern therapy of reflex points. Your feet will be as cotton.



45 minutes / 890 CZK

45 minutes / 890 CZK

  • Breathe into the new day. The massage with selected essential oils will relieve your stiff back. The gentle massage brings release of muscle tension, detoxification, relaxation, smiles and balances😊


60 minutes / 1190 CZK

90 minutes / 1590 CZK

  • This full body massage includes pressure techniques that release tension, harmonize the nervous system, and calm the active mind. Sometimes it is necessary to stop, inhale and enjoy every moment in the present. During the massage, you will be pampered with luxurious essential oils that the therapist carefully chooses according to your momentary mood. Enjoy 60 or 90 minutes of nirvana, it's worth it!



25 minutes / 490 CZK

  • Massage for our children because they sometimes need to release accumulated and unexpressed emotions. To caress the body with gentle techniques that help to harmonize and calm active children. Suitable for children at age of 5 to 12 years.

Dita Kryštůfková

She has an amazing career as a wellness therapist and manager who has built several luxury spas in Prague with her team. After more than 10 very intensive years, she decided to return “to the beginning”, back to Obříství, where she lives with her family. We have been working together on a project and in two years, a new luxury spa should be built in the new wing of the guest house.

Dita loves nature, yoga, meditation and constantly educates herself in aromatherapy, homeopathy and other alternative sciences. She is well aware of the connection between the soul and the body and that one affects the other.

This makes her massages unique.

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