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Bedřicha Smetany 24
277 42  Obříství


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+420 777 997 791  


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She has an amazing career as a wellness therapist and manager who has built several luxury spas in Prague with her team. After more than 10 very intensive years, she decided to return “to the beginning”, back to Obříství, where she lives with her family. We have been working together on a project and in two years, a new luxury spa should be built in the new wing of the guest house.

Dita loves nature, yoga, meditation and constantly educates herself in aromatherapy, homeopathy and other alternative sciences. She is well aware of the connection between the soul and the body and that one affects the other.

This makes her massages unique.

FARMA OBŘÍSTVÍ S.R.O., se sídlem Obříství, 

Obříství 24, PSČ 277 42, IČ: 28489047,

zapsaná ve veřejném rejstříku vedeném

u Městského soud v Praze Spisová značka 145310 C


You will find us in the middle of a picturesque

village Obříství, only 20 min. from Prague
and 45 min. from the airport.